Friday, April 27, 2012

New Yorker Cartoonist Peter de Sève

Peter de Sève talks about the current New Yorker cover ("Tag Sale") on his blog A Sketchy Past:
So, here's my latest cover, which I must confess, I have mixed feelings about. I wish I could say it was a victory, but I'm afraid the painting got away from me. I fussed with it longer than I should have and made the mistake of taking my reference too seriously. "Brownstone steps are red," I observed, "therefore I shall paint these brownstone steps red". I broke the cardinal rule, "Take what you need and throw out the rest." If I'd just placed the objects the dog is selling on a lighter, more neutral color, the result would not be the chaotic, hodge-podge you see before you. At my request, Françoise Mouly the art director at the New Yorker, did her best to finesse the color digitally, but alas, it couldn't change my feelings about the piece. I am looking forward to my next cover being my best cover.

All that said, it is still a nice way to introduce you to our newish dog, who, to my shame, has not appeared in a drawing or on this blog for the two years we have owned him. Meet, Henry Biscuit, a labrador mix who is a terrified neurotic outside on the streets of Brooklyn, but is a normal, happy puppy in the rolling hills of Connecticut.
Aren't we all, though?

Some of my favourite de Sève New Yorker covers:

"Through the Wringer", The New Yorker, 2008

"Spctclr rvr vu", The New Yorker, 2001

"Cupid's Volley", The New Yorker, 1996

"The Treasure", The New Yorker, 1995

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