Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Barry Blitt’s 100th "New Yorker" Cover

From Ink Spill.

Not all New Yorker cartoonists are cover artists, and not all New Yorker cover artists are cartoonists. 

Once upon a time there was plenty of cross-pollination; these days, in a movement begun in Tina Brown’s era the numbers are few (Bruce Eric Kaplan, Danny Shanahan, Sempé, Roz Chast, Barry Blitt, and Harry Bliss are the most contemporary cross-overs that come to mind).

Barry Blitt is the most visible cover artist in that crowd, celebrating his 100th cover with the publication of this week’s issue.

Before Ms. Brown became editor of the New Yorker the covers and cartoons were the responsibility of one department, and one editor (at the time the Art editor was Lee Lorenz)

Ms. Brown, in a departure from a 67 year old New Yorker tradition, divided the Art department, creating a Cartoon editor position (held by Mr. Lorenz) and an Art editor position (filled by the newly hired Françoise Mouly).

For those who like numbers, the New Yorker artist with the most covers is Rea Irvin, with 240. Mr. Irvin, a cartoonist as well as a cover artist, is the fellow who gave us Eustace Tilley and so much much more.

The New Yorker - August 13, 1938 - Rea Irvin

The New Yorker - June 1, 1929 - Rea Irvin

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