Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Cartoonist Carel Moiseiwitsch Loses Home and Art in Lytton Fire

 From James Lloyd's Facebook page.

Posting this in regards to the recent news of the destruction by fire of the nearby town of Lytton, which is nestled along the Fraser Canyon. 
One of Canada's true cartooning greats, Carel Moiseiwitsch, lives there, and word has it her studio and home did not survive.


I can only pray some of the work has. I met Ms. Moiseiwitsch in Lytton just by chance last October, and stressed the need for a retrospective collection to be assembled. 
It's my deepest hope that such a thing is still possible, and her amazing scratchboard pieces and paintings can at least be preserved in print form (well, not deeper than my hope that Carel and her partner remain safe and healthy). 
This is a piece I scanned from her one solo comic, Flash Points, for my comics history class. It was published by Fantagraphics Books in the late eighties. 
Hope I'm not breaking any copyright laws, as I've asked for no one's permission to do this, but I'm posting it here out of profound respect for the bravery and innovations that define Ms Moiseiwitsch's work. 
The choice of strip seemed apropos given today's date, too.

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