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"Comics on Every Floor" at the Centre Pompidou

From Paul Gravett's Facebook page.

Illustration by David B, "L’ascension du Haut Mal", 2002
© David B, courtesy L’Association & galerie anne barrault

This summer, the Centre Pompidou in Paris is presenting an exceptional celebration of the ninth art.

The "Comics on Every Floor" event explores the sheer breadth of diversity of this form of artistic expression, displayed in all areas of the Centre Pompidou and catering to all ages.

Here's the programme: 

* Comics 1964-2024
29 May – 4 November 2024
Exhibition, Gallery 2, level 6

'A fresh dialogue among the three main strongholds of expression in the world of comic strips: European creation, Asian mangas and American comics, starting in 1960s counterculture, through to the latest digital output. 

The exhibition presents 12 different themes summoning the imagination of comics (history, science fiction etc.), the emotions they trigger (fear, dreams, laughter etc.), and the diverse artistic techniques used (black and white, self-expression, geometry etc.).' 

There will be an accompanying catalogue, and an English edition from Thames & Hudson.

Moebius graces the cover of the 288-page catalogue, published in French by the Centre Pompidou Paris and in English by Thames & Hudson, to accompany their landmark exhibition 'COMICS 1964-2024.
 ' A brilliantly illustrated survey of the international comic book landscape, published to accompany a major exhibition at Centre Pompidou, this is a timely reframing of the international comics landscape over the past six decades. 
From the mid-1960s, the world of comics rapidly evolved into a highly creative art form for a sophisticated readership: in France, the magazine Hara-Kiri provided new terrains for graphical humour, while the adventures of Jean-Claude Forest’s Barbarella were published in albums by Éric Losfeld; the launch in Japan of Garo in 1964, an avant-garde monthly, presented the concept of auteur comics; and the release of Robert Crumb’s Zap Comix in 1968 established his reputation as the leader of the underground comics movement in the United States. 
For the first time, this major historical survey of the ninth art establishes a dialogue between the three leading regions of comic book culture – Europe, Asia and America – and offers an immersive odyssey of the medium through its development over six decades ranging from the explosion of the twentieth-century counterculture scene to the most abstract contemporary styles. 
Built around twelve themes encompassing the many worlds of the comics imagination, Comics: 1964–2024 features artists including André Franquin, Gotlib, Claire Bretécher, Osamu Tezuka, Moebius, Edmond Baudoin, Alison Bechdel, Ulli Lust, Art Spiegelman, Marjane Satrapi and Chris Ware, as well as introductions on each theme by leading authorities of the form, a brand new interview with renowned cartoonist and journalist Joe Sacco and a foreword by Paul Gravett.' 
Exhibition info here:

* Resonances. Comics at the Museum
29 May – 4 November 2024
On display in the museum galleries, level 5

As a counterpoint to the permanent modern collection (1900-1960), six rooms have been devoted to the comic strip greats: Edmond-François Calvo, Will Eisner, Hergé, George Herriman, Winsor McCay and George McManus

At the same time, 15 contemporary authors go up against masterpieces, in the form of tribute, quotation or pastiche, Philippe Dupuy and Matisse, David B. and Breton, Anna Sommer and Picabia, Catherine Meurisse and Rothko, etc.

* Corto Maltese. Living the Stuff of Fiction
29 May – 4 November 2024
Exhibition, Public library, level 2

Created by Hugo Pratt in 1967, Corto Maltese has become a truly emblematic figure in the world of comic strips. 

The story of his peregrinations, with intrigue and plot twists galore, is also scattered with references and literary quotes. 

These are in fact the special focus of this exhibition featuring original documents (photographs, notes, storyboard, sketches, studies, plates and watercolours). 

* "Tenir-tête". An exhibition-workshop by Marion Fayolle
29 May – 4 November 2024
Exhibition-worshop, Kids Studio, level 1

* Lagon Magazine: "Le chemin de terre"
29 May – 19 August 2024
Exhibition, level 1

* Comics out of the box
Live program
29 May – 7 July 2024
Discussions, concerts, performances and workshops, level 1 

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