Friday, August 30, 2013

"I have a nightmare..."

... that everyone draws the same cartoon:

In fact, a few did:

Michel Kichka, Israel

André-Philippe Côté, Le Soleil (Quebec City)August 29
Martin Rowson, The Guardian, August 28
Dave Brown, The Independent, August 30

, La Tribune de Genève, August 30


  1. What is it that Daryl Cagle calls this? A "Yahtzee."

    I remember reading in the great autobio by the great, late Doug Marlette about how he tried so hard every day not to think like other editorial cartoonists and get a better gag. Hard to do on a daily basis!

  2. In a case like this one, you know you can't be alone. It is imperative, however, to do a little research to make sure it hasn't been done already. I wasn't aware of Rowson's cartoon.