Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"Political Satire in Alberta" at the Glenbow Museum

From the Glenbow website.

Tom Innes, The Calgary Herald

Sometimes irreverent, sometimes contentious, always thought-provoking: this exhibition of political cartoons includes 60 works from Alberta editorial cartoonists working throughout the 20th Century.

These artists have used pen and ink to poke fun at everything from populist politics to global issues, and recent world events show that the power of satire cannot be underestimated. 
Heavily equipped with irony, satire, wit and humour, Alberta’s cartoonists, from Bob Edwards in 1905 to Vance Rodewalt in 2015, have taken on a wide range of topics: women’s rights, religious extremism, food safety scares or Alberta’s favourite theme, western alienation. 
Vance Rodewalt, The Calgary Herald

They have engaged with the most mundane to the most sensitive issues, and spared few public figures or institutions. Whatever reaction they may have initially provoked -- Inspiring, enraging or amusing readers -- editorial cartoons have consistently captured the essence of their time in a way that is simultaneously simple and complex.

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Exhibit offers Alberta through the acid pen of political cartoonists in The Calgary Herald.

Political Satire in Alberta
 May 23 – September 27, 2015
Glenbow Museum
130 9th Ave S.E.
Calgary, AB T2G 0P3

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