Sunday, February 21, 2016

Anthony Jenkins: "Long 'n' Lean"

Aaron Neville, Don McLean and Sydney Pollack
A few years back, I drew a series of caricatures illustrating feature interviews in The Wall Street Journal. I never met the assigning art director and certainly never met the subjects she asked me to portray.

I’d never before had to caricature anyone in an extreme tall and slim format, except once, when I drew supermodel Naomi Campbell – as that’s the only way she comes.

The series was fun and a challenge; getting a likeness and getting it to fit.

That's the skinny on drawing long and lean. Fat chance of someone requesting similar again, but you never know...
I'd be delighted to take on your personal
or business projects, magazine 
illustration or website

I’ll create a caricature or elegant line portrait of a colleague or loved one as a unique gift for a birthday, promotion, retirement or Nobel Prize nomination. I’ll draw your corporate team, CEO, or VP of Innovation bringing the economy to a boil.


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