Friday, April 17, 2020

Cartoonists for the Cause — Covid relief fundraisers

From the AAEC website and from Amazon.

Cartoonists from both side of the border are offering signed art in fundraisers and auctions to help out local institutions.

Philadelphia’s Signe Wilkinson is offering signed prints of her cartoons in exchange for contributions to one of the funds helping beleaguered health care workers. Signe supports Temple University Hospital which, she notes, “really stepped up when beds were needed and is now the epicenter of the city’s Covid-19 cases.” The Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist will send you a signed print contribution of $30 or more

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Vancouver based Ten Cats cartoonist Graham Harrop has created on Kindle a warm and lighthearted way to say thank you to all who are helping during the COVID-19 pandemic. From doctors to volunteer shoppers, bus drivers to store clerks - all deserve to know that their efforts are sincerely appreciated. Part proceeds from each sale donated to the Salvation Army.

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