Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The 2020 Doug Wright Awards nominees

From the Doug Wright Awards' blog.

16th Annual Doug Wright Awards poster by Hartley Lin.

Here are the nominees:

The Doug Wright Award for best book
  • This Place: 150 Years Retold, HighWater Press
  • The Cursed Hermit, Kris Bertin, Alexander Forbes, Conundrum Press
  • Bezimena, Nina Bunjevac, Fantagraphics Books
  • Agnes, Murderess, Sarah Leavitt, Freehand Books
  • Death Threat, Vivek Shraya, Ness Lee, Arsenal Pulp Press
  • Bradley of Him, Connor Willumsen, Koyama Press

The Nipper: The Doug Wright Award for emerging talent
  • D. Boyd, Chicken Rising, Conundrum Press
  • Jason Bradshaw, Things Go Wrong, Paper Rocket
  • Sylvia Nickerson, Creation, Drawn & Quarterly
  • Ben O’Neil, Apologetica, Popnoir Editions
  • Cole Pauls, Dakwäkãda Warriors, Conundrum Press

The Pigskin Peters: The Doug Wright Award for best small- or micro-press book
  • Boumeries, Vol. 9, Boum, Self-published
  • Gleem, Freddy Carrasco, Peow Studios
  • Baby in the Boneyard, Jesse Jacobs, Hollow Press
  • Curb Angels, Lisa Mendis, Christopher Ducharme, Lucas C. Pauls, At Bay Press
  • Dejects, Jay Stephens,Black Eye Books

The Egghead: The Doug Wright Award for best kids’ book
  • Brick Breaks Free, David Craig, Self-published
  • The Worst Book Ever, Elise Gravel, Drawn & Quarterly
  • Lunch Quest, Chris Kuzma, Koyama Press
  • Dakwäkãda Warriors, Cole Pauls , Conundrum Press
  • Alma and the Beast, Esme Shapiro, Tundra Books

Conundrum Press leads in nominations, with four, followed by Drawn & Quarterly and Koyama Press, with two nominations each.

This year, 151 books by Canadian authors and artists were submitted to the Doug Wright Awards, in four categories. Nominees and winners were chosen by a panel of three judges per category. A total of 36 publishers submitted entries, along with nearly three dozen self-published works.

Giants of the North: The Canadian Cartoonist Hall of Fame

Last year, we instituted a new tradition of inducting one living and one deceased member of the Canadian comics community annually to the Giants of the North hall of fame. After consulting with this year’s living Giants nominee, we collectively made the decision to push their induction to 2021, when we return to staging a live public ceremony. 

This year’s Giants of the North nominee is Walter Ball (1911–1995), the longtime Toronto Star cartoonist and art department supervisor, best known for the strip Rural Route.

The Ceremony

The 2020 Doug Wright Awards will be broadcast online on Saturday, May 9th, at 8 p.m. More info to come! 


Our thanks to this year’s judges: Shanda Deziel, Deborah Dundas, Meags Fitzgerald, Jesse Jacobs, Calum Johnston, Alison McCreesh, Serah-Marie McMahon, Noah Van Sciver, Todd Stewart, Philip Street, Maurice Vellekoop, and Kat Verhoeven. You can read more about each of our judges on the Doug Wright Awards Web site.


Thanks as well to this year’s sponsors, the Beguiling/Little island/Page & Panel, Broken Pencil, and Taddle Creek, and our sponsor in absentia, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (come back soon!).

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