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World Evidences: The Drawings of Ángel Boligán

Angel Boligán was born in Havana in 1965. In 1992 he moved to Mexico. He draws for the newspaper El Universal and the satirical magazines Conozca Más and El Chamuco. He is a member of the cartoonist group "Cartooning for Peace" and won worldwide more than 130 prizes in cartoon competitions.

World Evidences: The Drawings of Ángel Boligán
144 pages fully illustrated with drawings by Boligán.
ISBN 978-960-973-402-8
Size 17x24
Prologue by Antonio Antunes, Cartoonist & Director of World Press Cartoon:

Boligán, a rising cartoonist

Born in a land surrounded by dreams, frustrations and sometimes nightmares. A land of intense social and political life experiences, Cuba gave Boligán the sense of socialism, a fact that would later lead him to regard the capitalist world with more wisdom and consistency, making him an observer of surprising maturity.

In 1992 he left Cuba for Mexico, but it is only since 2000 that his talent has begun to conquer the world: he participated in major international exhibitions, winning several prestigious awards; he collaborated with several international journals (especially with Courrier International, Paris), and he recently started using systematically the internet in order to disseminate his work.

Since the beginning of the century he has started conquering Europe (Portugal, Spain, Greece, Norway, Turkey and France among other countries), China, the United States and Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and, of course, Mexico and Cuba). He is, therefore, a cartoonist who belongs to the 21th Century.

We could call Boligán a “versatile cartoonist”, since his work consists of excellent cartoon editorials, remarkable caricatures and small comic strips of great quality.

His talent, though, is mainly reflected in his humorous drawings.

He is dealing with everyday issues – love and disappointment, ecology, religion, speculation, new technologies and corruption. With his subtle humour and great capacity for synthesis and with his original and sophisticated work, Boligán is a brilliant artist.

In any case, we prefer to call Boligán a rising cartoonist.


A wonderful gallery of Boligan drawings here.

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