Saturday, March 21, 2015

"Hillary Delete..." by Mike Ramirez

From the Facebook page of Mike Ramirez.

Several readers have asked Mike Ramirez about the process of editorial cartooning.
Here is the response he posted on his Facebook page:

I wake up at 5AM every morning. Since I co-manage the Investors Business Daily editorial page, I spend most of my time reading and prepping for the morning editorial meetings which go from 8-10AM and watching what is being absorbed by the American consciousness through the news at every half hour. 
I usually come up with ten -fifteen ideas - the hardest part is narrowing the choices down. From time to time I will send the cartoon sketches around to a few of my colleagues to see which ones they like... and then I just pick the one I like. 
Since we are a financial newspaper, I have an early deadline, 3:20PM (at the LA Times, my deadline was 9PM). So, I usually draw from around noon to 2PM and then colorize until it is finished. 
My latest cartoon, Hillary Delete... The cartoon evolution from sketch to finish.

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