Friday, March 18, 2016

Plagiarism in the Women's Rights International Cartoon Contest

From Cartoon World News.

From Elena Ospina's Facebook page.

Italian "cartoonist" Mario Russo lifted a cartoon from Colombian cartoonist Elena Ospina and entered it in The Women's Rights International Cartoon Contest.
"Plagiarism!!!.... So blatantly. If it was only the drawing, I'd think it was a mistake, but I never put additional texts, nor do I send this picture. Things that should not happen"
Elena Ospina

From Jamie Smith's Facebook page:

Cursory browse reveals a couple entries from Mario Russo to the 2015 International Aylan Cartoon Illustration Exhibition: a Google Image search on one panel reveals it to have been ripped off from a Deviant Art portfolio by artist asprin0 (note blatant signature + copyright removal)
Another entry from Mario Russo to the 2015 International Aylan Cartoon Illustration Exhibition

... manages to spoil this Kak cartoon published in "L'Opinion".

Another "Mario Russo" cartoon won second prize in a Greek cartooning contest last year with this piece ...
... which sure does bear a striking resemblence to this piece by Cristina Bernazzani.

Yet still another "Mario Russo" cartoon featured in Press Cartoon Europe

... was lifted from Chinese cartoonist DSX.

While we're on the subject, could there be another case of plagiarism in the same contest?
From Pedro Molina's Facebook page:

I'm NOT pointing fingers here, I don't know which one was done first, but this showed up in my Pinterest and couldn't help to notice... since then, I have been thinking what should I do about it... Send to the artist?... keep it for myself?... open a pandora box?... at the end, I decided to put it up here and let Marcin Bondarowicz, tOOns MaG or Arifur Rahman say something about it if they feel like it...

Mr. Russo posted an apology to tOOns Magazine:

... and another to Ms. Espina:

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  1. did he think he'd get away with that? Thievery!