Friday, October 12, 2018

Launching the new Sequential Magazine

From Sequential.

A revival of Sequential’s magazine edition by Canadian Independent Comic Book Wiki founder Brendan Montgomery. 

The goal of this publication is to expand the efforts of both Sequential and the Wiki to promote self-published and indie comic books made by Canadians. 

We hope to provide a new avenue for readers to connect to these creators through in-depth interviews and to discover new books through reviews and previews. 

The magazine format allows for longer form articles and a tighter integration with a comic’s art. 

We are planning on a quarterly publication so readers can have one convenient but not too frequent package to keep current with the Canadian indie comic book community and to allow us enough time to create the in-depth and detailed content. 

To help promote the contribution and achievements of women in our comic book community, we will be dedicating at least one article per issue to non-male Canadian creators.

We will be mainly publishing online in order to provide free and easy access to all interested readers across the country and around the world. 

In the future we may expand into print editions once we are established. 

Our target launch date for Issue 1 is early January then every three months afterwards, but we won’t sacrifice quality to meet specific dates. 

Join our newsletter here to never miss an issue or major announcement.

Join us in creating Canada’s premier comic book publication. 

We are looking for contributors and partners in the following areas, and those interested can get in touch with us at

We are a non-profit publication and hope to be able to reward contributors in the future but initially we will be volunteer based.

  • Interviewers from across the country to talk with creators and write about them
  • Reviewers of indie comics
  • Writers for broader articles about our indie community
  • Creators who have books they’d like reviewed (preferably from the end of 2018 and still available in print) or books coming out before March which we could preview
  • 1 or 2 page comic strips you’d like to have published
  • Businesses/publishers interested in advertising with us to help us grow and cover expenses
  • Comic Book stores interested in distributing promotional material (once issue is published) so their customers can stay informed about Canadian comics

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to making this project amazing!

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