Friday, August 1, 2014

Guy Billout, the Ironic Illustrator


Guy Billout is a French artist and illustrator born in 1941. Trained in graphic arts and advertising at the School of Applied Arts in Beaune, he worked in Paris for 6 years. He arrived in New York in 1969, with sole baggage, an autobiographical story in 14 images. The 14 drawings were published in New York magazine, under the art direction of Milton Glaser, shortly after his arrival.

His style is characterized by delicate and economical line work, heavy shadows, beautiful gradients and almost always, irony. His work has been featured regularly for years in The Atlantic Monthly and can be seen on his web gallery, here.

Some favourites:

Flexible cruise ship

"Fifteen Minutes of Fame", The Atlantic Monthly

"Rendez-vous", The Atlantic Monthly, October, 2001

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