Thursday, July 28, 2016

Richard Thompson 1957-2016

Michael Cavna in Comic Riffs.

The Art of Richard Thompson on Vimeo

Richard Thompson, the “Cul de Sac” cartoonist who is widely considered one of the greatest comic-strip creators and illustrators of his generation, died Wednesday in Northern Virginia, family friends confirm. He was 58.

Thompson, who lived in Arlington, died of complications from Parkinson’s disease, the effects of which he had endured for eight years.

Thompson was perhaps best known for his Reuben Award-winning comic strip “Cul de Sac,” which was born in 2004 as a weekly feature in the pages of The Washington Post Magazine, before being syndicated several years later by Universal Press Syndicate/Universal Uclick, which distributed the feature to hundreds of newspapers at its peak.

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Lee Salem's favourite cartoon:

“Make the Pie Higher,” a “Poor Almanac” comic that spoofed George W. Bush’s first presidential inauguration.


  1. Could you suggest where a friend of mine from Namibia who has been a Richard Thompson fan for a couple of years, visiting Montreal for a wedding this week, might be lucky enough to find him in a bookstore in that city? Any ideas about where she might look would be appreciated.

    1. I contacted a good comics bookstore in Montreal and the manager told me that, because of Richard Thompson's death, there has been a surge in orders for "Cul de sac" and the US distributor can't meet the demand.

    2. Ah yeah, that should have occurred to me. Many thanks for looking into it. (Hardly a better way to honor Thompson’s memory than by a kindness to a stranger, it’s worth saying. He must be smiling somewhere right now.)