Monday, May 7, 2018

The Art of Resistance: The Winners

From Cartoon Movement.

With a total 1781 submissions from 76 countries we think our first international cartoon competition was a huge success! 

Out of all these submissions we made a shortlist of 200 cartoons; on March 5, this shortlist was presented to a professional jury, tasked with the difficult job to select the cartoons that will be featured in the upcoming exhibition ‘The Art of Resistance’ and to determine the winners.

The jury consisted of Hajo, a well-known Dutch cartoonist, Saskia van Loenen, chairperson of Pers & Prent (a foundation promoting political cartoons and organizer of the yearly Dutch cartoon award Inktspotprijs) and Michiel van Hattem, president of vfonds, a Dutch NGO with a focus on peace.

Together, they selected 57 cartoons, including 9 honorable mentions and 3 winners. We announced the winners at the Freedom Festival in Flushing, the Netherlands.

First Prize: Pete Kreiner, Australia

Second Prize: Oguz Demir, Turkey

Third Prize: Bruce MacKinnon, Canada

Honorable Mentions

Carlos David Fuentes, Cuba

Manuel Arriaga, Spain

Arash Shayesteh, Iran

Mary Zins, United States

Saeed Sadeghi, Iran

Mello, Brazil

Denny Fisher, Brazil

Alexander Dubovsky, Ukraine

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