Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mrs Thatcher and the World Cartoonists

Carol Hills from PRI's The World.

Tom, Trouw, The Netherlands

Political cartoonists around globe are remembering Margaret Thatcher. Some not so fondly.

In one way, “Maggie,” as she was known, was a cartoonist’s delight. They had satirical fun with her prim and proper appearance, her school-marmish scolding tone, and her puffy retro hairdo and beak nose. But the sentiments they expressed in the thousands of cartoons drawn of her during her life were usually scolding and disapproving. They remain so since her death was announced on Monday.

In one by Britain’s Steve Bell, we see Thatcher standing in her own grave pit demanding to know why the pit was still open (a reference to the coal miners’ strike).

Steve Bell, The Guardian, Great Britain

In others we see her arriving at the pearly gates only to demand that heaven be privatized.

Thatcher’s monicker, “The Iron Lady”, also shows up.

One cartoon shows he hearse carrying her body headed for a scrap metal yard.

Deligne, France

There are a few charitable and deferential images, just not many.

A Slovakian cartoonist honors her for helping to open up the former East Bloc and end the Soviet Union.

Martin Sutovec, Slovakia

An Australian cartoonist shows Thatcher in heaven volunteering to get rid of other evil empires.

Paul Zanetti, Australia

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