Monday, April 8, 2013

The making of "Lunch with Charles Bronfman" by cartoonist Tony Jenkins

Find out here how artist Anthony Jenkins creates his portraits of Report on Business's interview subjects for The Lunch, while New York bureau chief Joanna Slater describes her meal with one of the wealthiest Canadians in the world.

Anthony Jenkins on how he creates caricatures for The Lunch:
I never get to lunch with the captains of industry I draw in Report on Business.

I don’t even get a doggie bag. My meal is a face, with a bit of shoulders and suit for context.

The process begins with downloaded head shots of the subject and the hope that they are not of the airbrushed-into-mannequin annual report sort. Personality and imperfection are appreciated.
I sketch the features out in pencil, then refine the result in brush, pen and ink.
Old school, like it was the 16th century. Then the 21st century intrudes.

The black-and-white line portrait is scanned into Photoshop and, over multiple layers and decisions on tone, highlight and shadows, colours are added. Then altered, lightened and burnished until it feels done.

From blank sheet to finish may take three hours; a little more time than lunch and without any martinis.

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