Friday, May 24, 2013

When Tom Met Alison: A Fisher Collection

Nestlings Press, run by Globe & Mail columnist and Portfoolio 23Portfoolio 24 and Portfoolio 25 editor Warren Clements, has two excellent new offerings by Anthony Jenkins and Philip Street.

When Tom Met Alison: A Fisher Collection gathers 300-plus examples of Philip Street’s beautifully drawn comic strip Fisher, which ran for twenty years in The Globe and Mail and continues as a web comic. Main characters Tom Fisher and Alison York circle each other warily on the road from their first meeting to their exchanging of vows, with supporting characters ranging from pragmatic housemates Eugene and Ruth to Tom’s gruff boss, Alison’s cartoonist father, Tom’s old flame Meg, and Bixby, a robot that has imprinted itself on Tom.

Copy of the book may be ordered by mail with a cheque – yes, cheque only at this point – sent to: 
Nestlings Press, 119 Spadina Ave., PO Box 252 TORONTO B, Toronto, ON M5T 2W1. 
For each copy of When Tom Met Alison: A Fisher Collection, send $20.95. 
All prices include GST. Nestlings Press will pay the postage for books mailed to an address within Canada.

The book is also available at The Beguiling, Ben McNally Books, and Book City (in the Annex).

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