Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quebec presence at the 2014 Joe Shuster Awards

From the Joe Shuster Awards website.

A number of Quebec creators have been nominated for the Joe Shuster Awards:


Maryse Dubuc with Marc Delafontaine - Les Nombrils, tome 6 : Un été trop mortel (Dupuis)

Ami Vaillancourt - Kissinger & nous - tome 1 (Glénat Québec)
                              - Charlebois & l’Osstidgang (Glénat Québec)


Réal Godbout – L'Amérique ou le disparu (La Pastèque)

Zviane – Les deuxièmes (Pow Pow)


Delaf – Les Nombrils, tome 6 : Un été trop mortel (Dupuis)

Djief – Le crépuscule des Dieux, tome 7: Grand hiver (Soleil)

Julie Rocheleau – La colère de Fantômas, tome 1: Les bois de justice (Dargaud)

Cover Artist


Julie Rocheleau

Webcomics Creator

Olivier Carpentier and Gautier Langevin - Far Out

The Dragon Award (Comics for Kids)

L’Agent Jean, tomes 4 and 5 by Alex A (Presses Aventure)

Couette, tomes 2 and 3 by Séverine Gauthier and MiniKim (Dargaud)

Guiby, une odeur de souffre, tome 1 par Sampar (Michel Quintin)

Gene Day Award (Self-Publishers)

Antonin Buisson – Garder le rythme

Harry Kremer Award (Retailers)

L'imaginaire, Quebec City

Canada has a rich tradition of supporting our national arts communities with awards that recognize the achievements of our citizens like the Genie Awards for film and television and the Juno Awards for music – the Joe Shuster Award is Canada’s national award that honours and raises the awareness of Canadians that create, self-publish and sell comics books, graphic novels and webcomics.

They are named after pioneering Canadian-born artist Joe Shuster (1914-1992), whose clear, dynamic style and inventive visual flourishes set the standard for graphic storytelling during the infancy of the North American comic book industry. It was Superman, a co-creation of Shuster and his friend Jerry Siegel, that electrified the industry over 75 years ago in 1938 and, almost overnight, transformed comic books into an enormous pop-cultural phenomenon.

Nominees were selected this spring from lists of creators of original works published and distributed during the year 2013. Qualifying creators must be Canadian citizens – living at home or abroad, or a recognized permanent resident. The award winners will be chosen by a jury vote to ensure every nominee is given adequate consideration.

The awards will be presented later this year (time and place to be announced at a later date).

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