Monday, May 30, 2016

The Winners of the 4th Niels Bugge Cartoon Contest

Artists from France, Italy and Belgium were the winners of the 4th Niels Bugge Cartoons Awards, which focused this year on Europe's migrant crisis.

Winners Adene, Marco d'Agostino and Luc Vernimmen.

Anne Derenne (Adene), Spain

Jury chairman Lars Refn says Anne Derenne got a 3,000-euro cheque Saturday for her interpretation of the "Utopia" theme in "a terrific way." Her cartoon shows an ecstatic couple in a rowing boat approaching a bountiful green island. However, under the water line, it appears it is made up of industrial waste.

Marco d'Agostino, Italy

Runner-up Marco d'Agostino got 2,000 euros while the third prize went to Luc Vernimmen.

Luc Vernimmen, Belgium

Refn said Saturday the "Utopia" theme was picked "after Europe almost entered a state of shock over the wave of migrants." The contest was named for the inn near Viborg, 160 miles northwest of Copenhagen, where it was held.

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