Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sunday's "Non Sequitur" sets traffic record

Alan Gardner in The Daily Cartoonist

Last Sunday’s Non Sequitur clearly resonated with many people.

According to the official GoComics blog, Wiley Miller’s strip was viewed over 300,000 times on Sunday – more than 10 times the normal average for a Sunday comic.

The carton depicts a super hero character rushing to save a school bus heading over a cliff.

When I asked Wiley what kind of response he was getting personally, he responded,

"It’s been pretty big, and every one of them raving in praise for telling the truth. It seems to have really touched a nerve, going beyond conservative/liberal, Republican/Democrat dynamics. 

Congress is pretty much universally despised right now, and the response I’ve gotten bears that out. 

I have yet to hear from anyone even remotely taking umbrage with it. I expected at least some saying, “well, not MY congressman…”, but not even that."

Wiley adds, “I may have created a monster. Almost all the e-mails I got want more of Congress-Man.”

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