Friday, October 12, 2012

Cummings and goings at the Winnipeg Free Press

After 31 years at the paper, Dale Cummings and the Winnipeg Free Press have parted ways.
Here are some of my favourite Cummings cartoons:

This cartoon was awarded the 2nd prize at the 6th World Press Freedom International Editorial Cartoon Competition.

Born in 1947 in St. Thomas, Ontario, Dale studied animation and illustration at Sheridan College in Oakville and, during a brief stay in New York, did some cartoons for The New York Times. He returned to Toronto in 1976, where he freelanced for Last Post, Canadian Forum, Maclean’s, The Toronto Star, Canadian Magazine and This Magazine. Full-time editorial cartoonist with The Winnipeg Free Press since 1981, he won the National Newspaper Award in 1983 and was a finalist in 2004.

1983 National Newspaper Award winning cartoon.

He published, in 1993, Best of a Bad Lot with Great Plains Publications:

he also drew, in 1991, the cover of Portfoolio 7:

as well as the back-cover of the first edition of Portfoolio in 1985:

Brian Mulroney swore that old age pensions were a "sacred trust".

In fact the above cartoon was what inspired me to edit the collection in the first place!


  1. Dale is one of my all time favorite cartoonists, both in his art and in his friendship. I wish him all the best in his next pursuit(s).
    -Steve Artley

  2. Cummings is one of the most original, inventive, fearlessly artistic and talented cartoonists to ever work in this country, or anywhere. This is a big loss to editorial cartooning.

  3. really sad news.
    such a unique stylist.
    and a super person too

  4. I received the following message from Dale Cummings:

    I'd like to thank you all for the good words and uplifting comments. It's been good for the ol' soul. I have always considered it a proud privilege to be a member of this unique and splendid band of heathens, heretics, and infidels.
    Retirement looks to be more of an adjustment than I thought but I intend keep the trusty " mightier than the sword " oiled and at the ready, in case a pig needs stickin'.
    So, I haven't retired my colors or quit the gang.
    You're a fine bunch of hoodlums.
    See you at the rumble.


  5. A super nice guy with whom I shared lots of beers (at the Riverside) while at Sheridan. Glad to hear that Dale had such a long and successful career. Mary (Graphic Design) xoxo