Monday, December 7, 2015

Marc Beaudet Fired from Journal de Montréal

From La Presse.

Cartoon published on January 22, 2008 in Le Journal de Montréal
Honorable Mention at World Press Cartoon 2009, Portugal.

The journalists' union of the Journal de Montréal has signed a four years collective agreement with the employer. Unionized workers retain their wages, vacation and pension plan, but they lose their cartoonist Marc Beaudet. He will not be back in 2016. The Journal de Montréal will use Yannick Lemay (Ygreck), a freelancer at the Journal de Québec.

"Clearly, for us, it is a disappointment, said Matthew Payen, a member of the union negotiating committee, in a telephone interview with La Presse Affaires. As in any collective agreement renewal, there are points that we agree with and others we do not. That is a point that did not please us."


  1. Is anybody coming up with credible reasons for all the firings of cartoonists in the past 15-20 years? I have my theories which I expounded on in a blog way back, but has anyone seen reports in Editor and Publisher or elsewhere? Did readership ratings take a nosedive beginning in the 1990s? Is it purely cultural--that papers used to want a cartoonist of their own as kind of a mascot but the cheapness of online syndication wiped that out? I'm sure part of it is that editors could now pick and choose something topical from online where in the past the syndicated stuff took too long to get to them and they had a very limited set of choices due to printing costs, mailing, etc. I would love to hear or see some hard DATA and find out the rationale among those who have been doing the firing rather than just "another one bites the dust."