Wednesday, January 24, 2018

"Laughter in the Dark - Illustrating the Troubles"

From The Irish News.

Cartoon by Gerald Scarfe

A new exhibition which charts the birth and rise of the political cartoon and its use in Northern Ireland is open to the public in Belfast until next Tuesday.

Laughter in the Dark - Illustrating the Troubles features work by prominent cartoonists including Ian Knox of The Irish News, Gerald Scarfe, Rowel Friers and Brian John Spencer.

The exhibition is part of the Linen Hall Library's Divided Society project which is digitising large parts of its huge Northern Ireland Political Collection.

It will feature 12 panels telling the story of when political cartoons first emerged in the 17th century and how they became an important way of talking about political events in Ireland, including partition and independence.

In total, around 24 cartoons are featured in the exhibition.

Cartoon by Ian Knox

Gavin Carville, who manages the Divided Society project, said it would also explore how cartoons depicted the start of Troubles, following on into the peace process.

"Obviously, cartoons are so visible," he said.

"They tell a story in a single image and they are so easy to absorb and they can deal with very complex issues in a single image.

"I think there will be something for everyone. Some serious, some funny, some that make you think. There are some from the 17th century up to present day. Something for everyone really.

"Myself and the project's education and outreach officer, Rachel Brady, have gone through the library's archive of cartoons to select the best cartoons."

Laughter in the Dark - Illustrating the Troubles'
From January 8th to the 30th
Linen Hall Library
17 Donegall Square North
Belfast BT1 5GB
Northern Ireland

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