Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Facebook deletes a Clay Bennett anti-hate group cartoon

From the AAEC website.

On March 28, Facebook summarily deleted a week-old editorial cartoon by PulitzerPrize-winning political cartoonist Clay Bennett, and then warned him his complaint about the deletion had violated the site's community standards & deleted that.

Clay 2nd notice

Bennett's cartoon—shared from Andrews McMeel Syndication's online site GoComics—was swept up in Facebook's hasty effort to remove posts on white nationalism, white supremacy and the KKK. FB apparently made no distinction between those & comments critical of hate groups.

Bennett reported that he appealed the removal of his cartoon and received a denial from Facebook in less than 48 hours. Facebook's actions also deleted the hundreds of shares the cartoon had, as well as a short news item that linked to the cartoon.

It is worth noting that the editorial cartoon was published in the print edition of the Times Free Press, and still appears on the Facebook page of the Chattanooga newspaper 72 hours after the social media site deemed it twice violated their "community standards."

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  1. I think FB will have to be banned soon, they are behaving in an increasingly totalitarian way, a totalitarian being the one that no matter what you do, will always find fault in it, no recourse possible. As there are no rules or the rules are not clear, the totalitarin will always be able to claim ad hoc you broke them. OTOH their actions, no matter what consequences, are always legit. I personally wish Marc Zuckerberg and his ilk all the troubles life can bring that money does not cure.