Saturday, September 26, 2020

The winners of the Libex 2020 competition

 From Vox Europe.

The three winners of the Libex 2020 satirical cartoon competition for freedom of expression were announced on 26 September at the Lectorinfabula festival in Conversano (Italy).

The first prize goes to Marilena Nardi, with a cartoon on the border between caricature and work of art. 

The second prize was awarded to Agim Sulaj (Italy/Albania), master of art, with a powerful cartoon of exceptional graphism, in which his mastery of drawing explodes.

The third prize went to Joep Betrams (Netherlands), master of the editorial cartoon, capable of dealing both with the great circus of the often ephemeral political current affairs and with the social issues and trends of our complex modern societies, always with great technical skill and irony full of humour.

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